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ACT for Seniors

Seniors should mark their calendars for a FREE ACT on 10/6.  We just found out that this test replaces the opportunity of the SAT School Day being cancelled in March 2020.  Scores will be able to be reported to colleges!  If any ESE or 504 student wants to request...

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mySchool Online Quick Start Guide

  Quick Start Guide     Textbook and Device Distribution: Do you need textbooks, workbooks, or devices for mySchool Online? We will be available in the Media Center on Wednesday, August 26th from 5PM to 6PM to pass out these items. Please come to the Media...

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Schedule Change Request Form for the 2020-2021 School Year

Schedule Change Request 2020-2021 As a reminder, this is a request. Submitting this form does not guaranteed that you will receive a schedule change. The following is our schedule change policy. We will only be able to complete schedule changes that meet one or more...

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