Mission Statement & Core Belief

J.W. Mitchell High School believes the We Make Excellence Matter. Mustangs do this every day, every lesson, every class period, and every time.

Mustangs are


Empowered by COMMUNITY

  • Building strong connections by collaborating and communicating effectively

  • Establishing community partnerships through volunteer and mentor programs

  • Encouraging an appreciation and respect for diversity

  • Instilling citizenship and pride in school and self

  • Utilizing teamwork and the sharing of resources school-wide


  • Acting with responsibility, honesty, and dignity

  • Taking accountability for one’s actions and beliefs

  • Respecting yourself, others, and the learning environment

  • Leading by example

  • Adapting a positive attitude

Dedicated to EXCELLENCE

  • Offering a variety of tools and resources for success

  • Embracing challenges with open mindedness, enthusiasm and flexibility

  • Believing that excellence extends beyond the classroom

  • Providing curriculum that meets high standards

  • Celebrating successful learning