Here are the Highlights from the Weekly School Messenger Call for the Week of April 7th!

Early Release Day and No School

Our final Early Release Day is this Wednesday, April 10th and students do not have school on Friday, April 12th!

Eclipse & Safety

Tomorrow there will be a total solar eclipse between approximately 1PM and 4PM. If you turn around and look at the total eclipse, please make sure that you are taking appropriate safety measures to do so. Because of the eclipse, all after school activities will be postponed until after 4PM. Parents, please speak with your children about not looking directly at the sun. Indeed, I am a bit nervous and terrified that students will think this is funny or something without consequence. I am hopeful that as young adults they will not do so, but, as Bonnie Tyler also begged, I need you more than ever to please emphasize this so that everyone can remain safe.

Finish the Year #MustangSTRONG!

We hope that you will continue to come to school each day, be on time, and do your work. Now is not the time to slack off! Commit to EXCELLENCE and finish #MustangSTRONG!

End of the Year & Testing

We are in school until Friday, May 24th and we have testing scheduled throughout the month of May that cannot be rescheduled. We will NOT allow any EOCs, District Finals, or Classroom Exams to be taken early. If a student misses an EOC, he or she can make it up in the summer or in the fall. If a student misses a District or Classroom Final, the student will either earn a zero on the exam or final or will need to take it on the make-up day, May 24th. Please visit our website in the coming week to view the calendar of testing. Below is a listing of the tests being taken and the windows:

  • AICE Exams: April 26th to May 1st (there are not Make Up Exams for AICE)
  • AP Exams: May 6th to May 17th (all Make Up Exams for AP are handled via Mrs. Chamberlin and there are fees associated with this)
  • English 9 & 10 FAST: May 1st to May 10th
  • Biology EOC: May 13th to 15th
  • Algebra EOC: May 16th to May 22nd
  • Geometry EOC: May 22nd to May 23rd
  • US History EOC: May 1st to May 3rd
  • District Finals & Classroom Finals: May 17th to May 22nd
  • Make Up Day: May 24th

April is Autism Acceptance Month

April is Autism Acceptance Month. Light it Up Blue on Tuesday and  BLUE every Tuesday.

CLT for 10th, 11th, and 12th Graders

We will be offering the CLT to all interested 10th-12th graders on Saturday, May 11th at JWMHS. The cost of the test is $59 and students can register starting tomorrow by paying in Rycor.  Students must pay by April 17th to be registered to take the test. We cannot register students at the last minute, so please make sure that you signup now. This is a great way to potentially meet the ELA and/or Math requirement for graduation. Please email Mrs. Cortier with any questions you may have.

BEST Writing for 9th and 10th This Week

9th and 10th graders will continue taking the BEST Writing during this week and next week. Do your best and make sure that you elaborate! Please see your English teacher for information!

Prom Information is Available NOW

Read all about Prom on our website at:!

Dance Ticket/Wristband SalesDance ticket/wristband sales are available via Rycor beginning March 21st! Each student can purchase one ticket for himself or herself and another for guest if approval is granted.

Dance ticket/wristband prices are as follows:

  • April 1st to April 14th each ticket is $110
  • April 15th to April 19th each ticket is $120

Buy your tickets/wristbands early! We will NOT sell tickets at the door on the night of the Prom.

Each ticket/wristband comes with a Prom 2024 Shirt.

Tickets/wristbands and shirts will be ready for pick up on April 17th and students must have their JWMHS Student Behavior Agreement when they pick up their tickets/wristbands and shirts.

Guest Request Form – This form needs to be completed if you are a non-JWMHS student. Students must have a student signature, parent signature, and copy of a PHOTO ID in order for this to be filled out correctly. Middle school students and people 21 or older on the day of the dance cannot attend. You will need to submit this form by Friday, April 19th at 12PM to Ms. Schultz.

Loss of Privilege – We will review attendance, grades, and behavior to determine if a student is eligible to attend Prom. If you do not attend school (more than 5 absences in any one period during the LOP windows), you will not be eligible to attend. If you are not behaving (any Level 3 referrals), you will not be able to attend. If you don’t have the grades (less than a 2.0 or Fs in classes), you will not be able to attend. We will pull LOP even after ticket/wristband sales have happened and will hold your ticket/wristband until you have appealed your LOP via your assistant principal.

Remember, if you are on loss of privilege you will not be able to purchase a ticket/wristband until you have been taken off of the list and cleared it with your assistant principal!

Senior Information for the Class of 2024

Are you the parent or guardian of a Mustang in the Class of 2024? Then this website is for you! Please check out our Graduation Information website at! We will continue to update this website as more information comes available to us!

Graduation Fees for the Class of 2024

Seniors, if you have not paid your Graduation Fee of $100, please go to Rycor and pay for these fees now. If you have any other fees or debts that need to be paid, now is the time to do so. All debts and fees will need to be taken care of prior to student receiving their caps and gowns.

Senior Slide Show for the Class of 2024

Calling for Senior baby pictures, elementary school through high school candid shots, and everything in between! If you would like to submit pictures for the Class of 2024 Senior Slide Show, please send them to:! This slide show will be shown at Senior Breakfast!

Best Wishes

Best wishes to all of our Spring Sports teams this week! Play with integrity and good sportsmanship!

Driving to School & Pick Up and Drop Off – Please Follow the Rules and Be Patient!

As you come to school, please follow the speed limit and the signs in the parking lot as to the direction of the traffic flow and where to drop off and pick up students. As a reminder, all students should be dropped off and picked up in the Red Car Loop. No one should be dropped off or picked up anywhere else on campus, especially Photonics Blvd. Also, please be ready to drop off your student when you get to the car loop. Please do not have further conversation at the car and please do not dilly dally as you exit and get your items to go to school. It is holding up the car line and we are trying to get people and cars in and out quickly.

Parking and Second Semester

We know that many of you will turn 16 and received cars from Santa. Please know that we currently have a waiting list for parking. In order to get on the waiting list, you must apply. Please go to our website for more information. Unless you have an assigned spot, you cannot park on campus as all parking spots are assigned to staff or students. Please park in your assigned parking spot only.

As a reminder, only juniors and seniors are allowed to park on campus. Students that have been approved to park on campus can view their parking spot numbers in My Student. All student drivers must display the pass in their vehicle.

Arriving to Campus & Class on Time

Please arrive in your classes on time each day, as being on time is important now and in the future. Security gates will remain open each day until 8:30AM. If a student arrives after 8:30AM, he or she must go to Student Services and check in there as the gates will close and should remain closed for security. Do not prop open gates or put items in gates so that the gates remain open. If you arrive to campus on time, you should not need to worry about having to use these gates. If you arrive late to campus, please do not ask someone to come and open the gate. Please follow our expectations and report to Student Services. Violations of these expectations will result in disciplinary action.

Free Lunch and Breakfast

All students will be receiving free breakfast and lunch this year. You do not need to apply for Free or Reduced Lunch. Breakfast will be served each morning until 8:20AM when the warning bell will sound. If you need to put money on your lunch account, you can do so at this time via or sending cash or a check payable to JWMHS.

Please Keep Campus Clean – Throw Away Your Trash

Any drink containers or food wrappers need to be disposed of in our commons area garbage cans and not classroom garbage cans or recycle bins. Please take pride in your school and keep it clean!

Mustang Athletics

Tickets for all games can be purchased on and we encourage you to make sure that you familiarize yourself with that website. (


As we continue through the semester, I hope that we can commit to excellence and kindness, including avoiding hate speech and hateful acts. There is no place at JWMHS for words and actions that are hateful and bigoted. Each of us is unique and has something to offer our Mustang community. Hopefully, as we are kind, we can see that our differences bring us together and make us stronger. Again, please be kind to each other.

Check Our Website for The Full Transcript of This Message

Please make sure that you are checking our website for a full transcript of the email that has gone out to Mustang Families as there are many reminders and announcements that do not get repeated every single week.

Let’s make JWMHS the best place to be! We look forward to a great week in #MustangNation!

Have a great evening!

Go Mustangs!

~ Ms. Schultz

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Reminders and Announcements

Graduation Requirements and Understanding High School

School Counselors and Academic Advisors have been going into English classrooms to discuss requirements and other important information with students. We encourage parents to speak with their children regarding this information. It can also be found on our website ( It is very important that everyone is on the same page regarding this information so that there are not any surprises. We also review this information during the first week of school and during course selection in the winter.

Pasco eSchool Placeholders

Of note, if you have an eSchool placeholder, on campus or off campus, please sign up for your classes as soon as possible. Directions can be found on our website.

Parent Bill of Rights Acknowledgements in myStudent

If you have not logged into your Parent Portal of myStudent, we ask that you do so this week. There are consent forms that need to be completed as a result of the Parents Bill of Rights legislation. We would like to partner with you regarding making decisions for your child that are consistent with your wishes as a parent/guardian. Please help us do so by completing this important paperwork. Login here: Login to your Parent Portal and Complete the Forms Required for the New Year:

Changes can be made by following the directions that we are providing on our website ( We would encourage you to review what you have already done if you have said no to anything as there have been changes made to further explain each of the items.

Cell Phone & Earbud Policy for the 2023-2024 School Year

As a reminder, students will not be able to use cell phones and earbuds during class time. Students will be able to use them during passing and lunches. Students will be expected to put their cell phone and earbuds in cell phone storage areas in the classroom. Students will not be able to take phones to the restroom during instructional time. Please make sure that you review this policy with your child so that everyone understands the expectations of students. It can be found here:

Healthy Student Forms and the Clinic

We sent home the Healthy Student Form. This will allow your child to receive Tylenol or Ibubrofin in the Clinic. Please make sure that you complete this form if you would like for the Clinic, School Nurse, and Clinic Assistant to help in these matters.

Pick Up and Drop Off Continued

As a reminder, all students should be dropped off and picked up in the Red Car Loop. No one should be dropped off or picked up anywhere else on campus. Children should also not be going into the parking lot to cross traffic and enter a car or exit a car. Students should wait on the sidewalk for parents to drive around. We have rules in place to keep children safe and to avoid accidents. Students and parents, please follow and support our rules.

Make a Donation to JWMHS!

You will get free Mustang gear for donating to our Mustang Excellence Fund or to our Staff and Faculty Appreciation Fund. If you have already made this donation, we thank you in advance. These donations will help us throughout this school year as we recognize our Mustangs for their hard work and excellence! There is still time to make these donations and get your free Mustang gear! Here is the link to make a donation:

We would truly appreciate any support that you can provide to JWMHS. No amount is too small or too big for our organizations. Here are some links to donate.  We thank you for your support!

To donate via Rycor, create an account or use your Pasco account and then scroll down to find the 23-24 JWMHS donation buttons. Some of the donations come with free Mustang Gear! Click here to make a donation via Rycor:

Some ways to donate to JWMHS include providing a donation for:

  • Band Trip to Boston for a band student (any amount)
  • Graduation Fees for a senior ($100)
  •  Prom ticket ($125)
  • Grad Bash ticket ($125)
  • Yearbook for a student ($100)

If you would like to donate to a team or organization, please consider donating to

  1. The Marching Mustangs Band
  2. Orchestra
  3. Chorus
  4. Athletics
  5. Yearbook
  6. Newspaper
  7. Mustang News Crew
  8. The Literary Magazine
  9. Senior Scholarships
  10. Mustang Excellence
  11. Campus Improvements
  12. Student & Staff Incentives

There are other ways to donate outside of Rycor. If you would like to make a donation of gift cards or donate to a specific student, please email Ms. Mattos at and she can assist you with submitting this donation.

Mustang Spirit

You can purchase a BEAT THE KNIGHTS shirt, Tradition Starts Here Stampede shirt, or Stang Gang shirt online via Rycor! Get them in time for the big game and show your #MustangPRIDE!

Here is the link to our online Mustang Spirit Store to purchase Mustang Gear (BEAT THE KNIGHTS shirt, Tradition Starts Here Stampede shirt, or Stang Gang shirt). You can purchase polos, jackets, hats, and other Mustang Gear!