Parking, Driving, Pick Up, Drop Off, Bicycles, and Fencing at JWMHS

Student Parking

As students come to school each day, they should park in their assigned parking spot. If students do not have a parking spot, they cannot drive to school until you they have a parking space. Students can see their spot number in myStudent. If a student does not have a spot, please apply on our website, but know that there are not many spots available. We will be passing out tags this week and next and will let you know where to pick up your parking tag so please listen for announcements.

Parking information, including the application, can be found here:

JWMHS Parking Procedures

Bicycle Parking

If you ride a bike to school, please park them in the middle of campus near the RED Building outside of Room 528. There is an alcove there where you can do so safely. We encourage you to bring a bike lock so that you bike remains safe. Do NOT park or attach your bike to the fences. If you do, we will cut the locks and move them to the assigned parking area.

Parking Lots, Driving on Campus, and Pick Up and Drop Off (Oh my!)

Parents and Guardians, as you are around campus in parking lots or at events, we ask that you please remain courteous and patient. If we can all do this, things will run smoothly and more efficiently, especially in the parking lot during drop off and pick up. We will be sending out more information regarding this and will clarify procedures between the high school and the middle school soon. However, please follow the following expectations.

Please follow the speed limit (5 mph) and the signs in the parking lot as to the direction of the traffic flow and where to drop off and pick up students.

Turning Left into JWMHS – the Orange Route

If you enter campus during the day, please do not expect to turn left and then enter the first lane in the Orange Parking Lot. This lane is exclusively for our exceptional education students and their busses. It is blocked off (see the blue line). If you do turn left into campus, you must drive into the campus and not drop off a child. You will need to make a left into the second lane in the parking lot.

Dropping Off & Picking Up in the Red Car Loop – the Red Route

All students should be dropped off in the Red Car Loop. No other place should be used for drop off or pickup, including the Green and Purple Parking lots.

As you enter campus, following the RED ROUTE, please stay in the right lane to go into the Red Parking Loop you will then merge left into this parking loop. Follow the loop around. Do not cut through the parking area as this is an active parking lot and students are pulling out.

Please remind your children that in the Red Parking Loop that they should remain on the sidewalks and not walk through this active parking lot. Please help us by dropping off and picking up such that students are entering and exiting the car next to the sidewalk.

Please do not park in students’ spots if you come to campus, even if you are just dropping off or picking up quickly. As we have announced, each student has their own spots and you are in someone’s assigned spot. Visitor spots are in the front of the school at the Main Office.

Other Neighborhoods & Drop Off and Pick Up

Also, be mindful of the neighborhoods near campus (Bryant Square) and the expectations that they have regarding safety and the rules of the roads. Please do not pick up students in neighborhoods, parking in the roads and blocking houses. If some parents/guardians would stagger picking up by 5 minutes, or wait until about 315PM to pickup students, it would alleviate some of the traffic congestion and lower the blood pressure for all of us.

Videos on How to Come Into Campus

Coming Soon!

Gates and Arrival at School

The gates will remain open each day until 8:30AM. If a student arrives after 8:30AM, he or she must go to Student Services and check in there as the gates will close and should remain closed for security. Do not prop open gates or put items in gates so that the gates remain open. If you arrive to campus on time, you should not need to worry about having to use these gates. If you arrive late to campus, please do not ask someone to come and open the gate. Please follow our expectations and report to Student Services. Violations of these expectations will result in disciplinary action. Please arrive in your classes on time each day, as being on time is important now and in and the future.