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Stampede Senior Dedication Page information

Thank you for your interest in placing a Senior Dedication ad in this year’s Stampede Yearbook!

To place your order, click:  Senior Dedication Contract

The due date for senior ads is Friday, December 11th. If space allows, we will include senior dedications submitted after the deadline in the order they are submitted. We must have all photographs and payment before the ad will be created. The link to the Senior Ad Contract can be found above and payment can be made on MyStudent/ACORN or with check made out to JWMHS delivered to room 517. 

 Any questions can be directed to Mrs. McNulty in Room 517, or email


Payment: You may pay by check payable to JWMHS or you may pay by credit card on MyStudent/ACORN The check may be hand delivered or mailed to the attention of Susan McNulty, Yearbook Adviser, room 517.

Directions: Please follow all directions and guidelines in the Terms and Conditions on the Senior Ad Contract. If you have any questions, please email

Photo Guidelines: Jpeg is the preferred method of photo submission, but we will also accept prints.  Be certain that you label all prints with the senior’s name on the back and place all photos in a large envelope with your senior’s name clearly written on the outside. Do not send us irreplaceable photographs. Walgreens, Walmart, SAM’s Club, and most local photo counters will convert your photos to jpeg for a small fee.

FOR JPEGS: The preferred method of photo submission is jpeg. Please name the jpegs according to the order of importance for inclusion on your ad. These numbers will determine photo placement and size on your ad. 1) You may email jpeg pictures to 2) Jpeg quality is important, so please do not send us blurry photos or extremely small files. They will appear blurry in the yearbook. Send no more than 3 photos per email. Some email programs convert file size to a size too small for printing.You may also share an online album, such as GooglePhotos. 3) The Stampede staff will place and crop photos into a layout and submit a proof to you via email. 4) Email or submit all photos to room 517 on a flash drive or CD by the deadline.

FOR PRINTS: 1) Please do not send original copies of irreplaceable photos. Every effort will be made to return all pictures in the spring but cannot be guaranteed. Do not send any photos that cannot be replaced. 2) Please label the back of each picture with the student’s first and last name. Also number the photos with the numbers that correspond to the importance of photos on the layout you selected (ex. #1 will be the largest photo on the layout). Place all photos in a large envelope clearly labeled with the senior’s first and last name. 3) Please do not cut photos. We will convert them to jpegs and place them to fit the appropriate size. 4) No collages, please. These do not reproduce well, as the images are too small to see. 5) Deliver all photos by the deadline. Your senior may drop off items in room 517, you may drop off items to the main office and request that the envelope is placed in Susan McNulty’s mailbox, or you may mail your envelope to the school to the attention of Susan McNulty.

Some examples of Senior Dedication pages:

Full Page Color $275 Half Page Color $190 Quarter Page Color $145

Full Page B&W $ 150 Half Page B&W $105 Quarter Page B&W $80

Gigante’s Policies regarding use of a Senior Picture for Yearbook Ad Purpose Only:

  1. If an order has been placed for $150.00 (or more) the image may then be purchased for an additional $30.00 (plus tax) and will be emailed to customer. *
  1. If they would like an image for the yearbook ad without a purchase the cost is $75.00 (plus tax) and will be emailed to customer. *

*The image MUST be the same image ordered

*The image will have the Gigante logo on it.