Activities & Events


This is to inform you that schools are obligated to supervise students thirty (30) minutes prior to the school day and thirty (30) minutes following the school day while students are on school property. This would extend to activities at school as well.


Please make that you always have arrangements made for dropping off your child and picking him/her up for safety reasons.


Below is the statute which schools must follow as it relates to the supervision of students on school property.


Casual or incidental contact between school district personnel and students on school property shall not result in a legal duty to supervise outside of the reasonable times set forth in this section, provided that parents shall be advised in writing twice per year or by posted signs of the school’s formal supervisory responsibility and that parents should not rely on additional supervision.


Dual Enrollment & Off Campus Classes


If a student is scheduled for an off-campus Dual Enrollment or Off-Campus Pasco eSchool/FLVS class, they must leave campus during the class period in which the class is scheduled during the school day.


Students may NOT stay on campus in the Media Center or in a teacher’s classroom during the school day. If the class is off-campus, then the students MUST leave the campus.


A student must provide his/her own transportation off-campus to PHCC and/or home.