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St. Valentine’s Ball – February 10th

JWMHS is excited to announce

the St. Valentine’s Ball!

Saturday, Febuary 10th at 6PM – 10PM

JWMHS Gymnasium

In order to attend the dance, each student must complete the following and meet the Dance Meeting Expectations.

Dance Expectations Parent Meeting – This meeting is an expectation that must be completed and/or attended by a student’s parent/guardian. The course for the Dance Expectations Parent Meeting is in every student’s myLearning account. Please include the student name and student ID number. If your parent/guardian has completed a course for an older sibling, the course does not need to be taken again. Please email Ms. Schultz ( with the student name, student number, and older sibling’s name.

Dress Code – Students need to make sure that they are in dress code for this event. If there is a concern about an outfit or dress, please email Ms. Schultz ( with a picture of the outfit or dress and she can let you know the decision. The following dress code is applicable to all students and guests who wish to enter the Dance. All guests must comply with all school and Code of Conduct requirements .Any student or guest that fails to meet any of the following conditions will be denied entry to the event. The principal’s/designee’s decision is FINAL.

Permitted Clothing:

  • If wearing pants, dress pants, dress shirt and dress shoes are appropriate. A tie and jacket is strongly recommended. All pants must be securely worn around the waist. No “polo” style shirts will be allowed.
  • If not wearing pants, dresses, skirts, or a gown that is in good taste are appropriate. Strapless dresses are allowed. Two-piece dresses will be allowed; however, please make sure that the front necklines shall not be lower than a line formed between the right and left armpit as cleavage needs to be in good taste.
  • If you are unsure of whether or not your outfit will meet dress code expectations for this event, please email any administrator for clarification. it is your responsibility to seek prior approval for administration. Any questions regarding dress should be resolved before that evening. The principal’s/designee’s decision is FINAL.

Clothing that Violates the Dress Code:

  • Students dressed inappropriately will be turned away at the door. Adjustments made at the door or during the dance (including pinning, the addition of a jacket, the addition of a body suit, etc.) will not be accepted as solutions for violations of the dress code.
  • Clothing that is see-through will not be permitted. All undergarments and genitalia must remain covered throughout the dance.
  • Students will not be admitted wearing cargo pants, sneakers, jeans/denim, khakis, Dickies (or other casual pants), t-shirts, torn clothing, chains/spikes, sexually implicit or explicit clothes, shorts, hats and head coverings, bandanas, or items referencing tobacco or alcohol products.
  • Athletics shoes/sneakers (i.e. Nikes, Adidas, etc.) or work boots will not be permitted. The principal’s/designee’s decision is FINAL.

Dance Ticket SalesDance ticket sales are available via Rycor. Dance ONLY tickets are $20 each until 3PM on Friday, February 9th. We will sell tickets to JWMHS student ONLY at the door on the night of the St. Valentine’s Ball for $20 each.

JWMHS Student Expectations Agreement – This form needs to be completed if you are a JWMHS Student. Students must have a student signature, parent signature, and dance number in order for this to be filled out correctly. You will need to submit this form when you pick up your dance ticket/wristband.

Download the St. Valentine’s Day Ball JWMHS Student Agreement here.

Guest Request Form – This form needs to be completed if you are a non-JWMHS student. Students must have a student signature, parent signature, and copy of a PHOTO ID in order for this to be filled out correctly. Middle school students and people 21 or older on the day of the dance cannot attend. You will need to submit this form by Friday, February 9th at 12PM to Ms. Schultz.