Tuesday is Giving Tuesday and we would truly appreciate any support that you can provide to JWMHS. No amount is too small or too big for our organizations. Here are some links to donate on Tuesday. We thank you for your support! More information can be found on our website (https://jwmhs.pasco.k12.fl.us/giving-tuesday/) or you can donate by clicking the link below.

There are other ways to donate outside of Rycor. If you would like to make a donation of gift cards or donate to a specific student who is part of one of our athletic teams or band, chorus, or orchestra, or you want to donate the Graduation Fees for a senior, please email Ms. Schultz at jschultz@pasco.k12.fl.us and she can assist you with submitting this donation.

To donate via Rycor, create an account or use your Pasco account and then scroll down to find the 22-23 JWMHS donation buttons. Organizations such as Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Senior Scholarships, Athletics, Mustang Excellence, Campus Improvements, Student & Faculty Incentives, and many more are available. Some of the donations come with free Mustang Gear!


Mustang Legacy Bricks – Celebrate the traditions and legacy of JWMHS by purchasing a piece of history. All funds for purchasing a Mustang Legacy Brick will be used for campus improvements, classroom activities, and other school priorities. And, your name will be a permanent part of our campus!


Again, thank you for your support of JWMHS and our students, faculty, and organizations.