Here are the highlights from the Weekly School Messenger Call for the week of October 3rd.

Good Evening, Mustangs!

It is Homecoming Week! Hooray!

But we want you to keep working hard, Mustangs! The first quarter of the school year is almost over and I challenge you to finish #MustangSTRONG.

Our Early Release Day will be Wednesday, October 6th and this will also be our Underclassmen Make Up Picture Day.

Congratulations to Mustang Volleyball who is undefeated this season, as well as Girls Mustang Golf who is 6-1! Way to go Girls Mustang Cross Country who placed 4th out of 35 teams and Boys Mustang Cross Country who placed 10th out of 30 teams at the Hoka Florida Invitational!

Our Homecoming Week will be October 4th to October 8th and our theme is Party in the USA. Our game will be held on Friday, October 8th and our dance will be held on Saturday, October 9th from 6PM to 10PM. Please review our website as it has all of the information that you could want to know about Homecoming 2021, including bell schedules, daily activities, and game and dance information. (!

JWMHS Student Behavior Agreements are online on our website, as well as guest request forms. Guest request forms are due on Friday, October 8th at 12PM. These are for NON-JWMHS students. Do not miss the deadline! If you are bringing a non-JWMHS guest, please know that you will not be able to purchase the guest dance only wristband unless you have received an approval code. I am giving these to students who have submitted guest request forms beginning tomorrow in RANCH.

Wristband sales have begun and will only be sold where your purchase your yearbooks and pay for other fees via Rycor ( You can purchase either an all-inclusive wristband for $40 or individual event tickets for daily activities for $3 each and a dance wristband for $35 each. When you pick up your all-inclusive wristband or dance only wristband, you will need to submit your JWMHS Student Behavior Agreement. You can pick up your wristband with Mrs. Van de Boe in the front office. If you are purchasing individual daily activity tickets, they can be purchased at the front office or during lunches. See our website for more information!

Parents/Guardian will need to make sure that they have completed the Dance Expectations Meeting for Parents/Guardians. I am currently going through my emails regarding concerns or issues with Dance Numbers and am continuing to answer them throughout the evening. Thank you for your patience. Of note, we have been passing out dance numbers to students via RANCH each day. Please make sure that you have your child ask his/her RANCH teacher if they have received any updated sheets. Also, please check Rycor ( and see if the wristband option populates to let your purchase the wristband. We have been updating Rycor frequently and you may be able to purchase it as a result of this update.

If you are concerned about your dress or outfit, please make sure that you email Ms. Schultz ( so that she can review the outfit and give approval.

If you have an eSchool placeholder, on campus or off campus, please sign up for your classes as soon as possible. Directions can be found on our website. All students must have SIX (6) classes in order to be considered a full-time student.

Freshmen! Please make sure that you order your FREE MustangU Class of 2025 t-shirt by visiting our Spirit Store:! Enter your code:  jwfresh21 to get your shirt and it will be delivered directly to the school.

Please make sure that you can pass the Covid-19 screener (Student Covid-19 Screener) each morning that is found on our website. If you cannot, please stay home. If you are positive for Covid-19 or have been exposed to someone who is positive for Covid-19, please stay home and contact your administrator so that we can help you with your school work.

Please read our JWMHS Electronic Newsletter, Around the RANCH. You can find it here: and we will be putting a lot of information in this newsletter that can assist you throughout the year.

The best way to be successful at JWMHS is to listen to the things we say and read the information that we put out. We communicate in a variety of ways and ask that you make sure that you are paying attention and following us on social media.

We want to remind you that you need to respect each other and just be nice. Calling each other names, posting negative things online, and acting inappropriately towards each other is uncalled for and unnecessary. Again, just be nice. And if you can’t find something nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.

Parents, allegedly the next TikTok Challenge is a Slap a Staff Member in the Backside Month. I highly recommend that students not participate in this as this is considered battery and a felony. Please speak with your child about behaving appropriately.

We hope you have a great evening! Thank you for reading!

Go Mustangs!
~ Ms. Schultz