Here are the highlights from the Weekly School Messenger Call for the Week of May 8th!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our Mustang Mothers and Grandmothers!

We hope that everyone is ready to go as we begin the last month of school!

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and we are grateful for their contributions. We will celebrate this month in RANCH.


Our faculty and staff truly appreciated all those that donated to our Faculty and Staff Appreciation. Thank you for your generosity!



We have begun state testing and we encourage you to review the Testing Calendar ( We will not be able to hold exams earlier, especially FSA tests, EOC tests, and District Finals, and these impact students’ grades. School is in session until May 25th and students should plan on being there through May 25th. Parents, please assist us in this by not scheduling trips and appointments until after May 25th.


Best of luck to our students on their AP exams!  Students, no matter what test you are taking, please get a good night’s rest and eat a healthy breakfast each morning.


If you have an eSchool placeholder, on campus or off campus, you need to work on those classes on a regular basis. Do not procrastinate as second semester flies by! Seniors should have them finished already if they intend to participate in graduation (that was this week and they should be finished for Seniors).


The Summer DE online dynamic form should be completed by students and parents at this time and has counselors signatures. Online Registration through the student PHSC WISE account is available now.


Best wishes to Softball and Baseball as they move on in the Regional playoffs!

We also want to congratulate Adam Buonanno, the first State qualifier in the Shot Put and Regional Champion, Elijah Lopez, a State qualifier in Javelin, and Kayla Groppe, who broke the school record in the 300 Hurdles!

As a reminder, all tickets for sporting events must be purchased via GoFan ( and we will not accept paper tickets or screenshots. The ticket must be on your mobile device.


Auditions for the Chamber Choir for next year will be held after school on May 19th, 20th, 24th, and 25th. Please stop by Room 528 to get an audition packet to prepare for the audition.

Last week our Choir and Orchestra performed and both concerts were fantastic!

This week, on May 10th, our Jazz Ensemble will hold its annual Courtyard Concert at JWMHS at 630PM.

On May 12th, our Band will hold its annual Spring Concert at RRHS PAC at 7PM.

And on May 13th, our Percussion Ensemble will hold its annual Night of Percussion at 630PM at the JWMHS Gym.

If you have not had the chance to hear these groups play, don’t miss out! They are all unbelievable!


Taste of Trinity will be held this Saturday, May 14th from 9AM to 3PM at SSMS.

Fencing is still being put up at JWMHS. Unfortunately, this is taking longer than we had hoped. Please be mindful of this as you walk around campus.

Parking on campus is a privilege and you must have a hangtag and spot to park on campus. Applying for a spot does not guarantee parking. In fact, there is a currently a waiting list for those who want to park. We know that many of you received cars during the last part of the year, but you must have a hangtag to park on campus. This means you must apply to park. If you have not applied, you will not be on the waiting list if a spot opens. Please follow our rules.


·      Senior families should have received a letter regarding the graduation ceremony to be held on June 11th at 6PM. Please make sure that you read it as there is a lot of important information in this letter, including dates and deadlines that we have reviewed previously.

·      Senior Graduation Practice is on May 23rd and May 25th. This is MANDATORY if you intend on participating in graduation on June 11th. Please do not schedule trips, appointments, or work during school hours as school is in session until May 25th and you must be present to walk.

·      Senior Breakfast will be held on May 24th at 9AM at Spartan Manor for senior students only. This event has a dress code and students must wear their professional best. We will not allow you to enter if you have jeans, shorts, tshirts, or any clothing that is not professional. If you have a question, please ask Mr. Quina or Mrs. Schultz.

·      The Senior Graduation Fee is $100 and can be paid on Rycor/Student Pay. This graduation fee is due on May 25th.

·      Seniors, please start looking around your house, room, and car for items that belong to JWMHS and return them to school to avoid being on the debt list. We will be posting a preliminary debt list at the end of this week.


We know that the recent announcement regarding bus rides next year is concerning. Please know that we will work with our District Office and each of our families as we work through this. JWMHS does not make this decision, but it is based on the budget Pasco County receives from the State of Florida and staffing issues with the Transportation Department. This is not a decision that was made in haste, but one that will assist with the challenges we are facing financially.


Please make sure that you can pass the Covid-19 screener (Student Covid-19 Screener) each morning that is found on our website. If you cannot, please stay home. If you are positive for Covid-19 or have been exposed to someone who is positive for Covid-19, please stay home and contact your administrator so that we can help you with your school work.


Please read the Around the Ranch newsletter this week: ( Please also visit our website and social media to continue to keep up with all of the things going on at JWMHS.

Let’s make more excellence this week in Mustang Nation!

We hope you have a great evening! Thank you for reading!

Go Mustangs!
~ Ms. Schultz


We would truly appreciate any support that you can provide to JWMHS. No amount is too small or too big for our organizations. We are also selling banners that will hang throughout campus. If you are interested in purchasing a banner, please call (727) 774-9202 and we can assist you. And, here are some links to donate on Tuesday. We thank you for your support!

JWMHS Donations – Create an account or use your Pasco account and then scroll down to find the 21-22 JWMHS donation buttons. Organizations such as Band, Orchestra, Scholarships, Athletics, Student & Faculty Incentives, and many more are available.

Mustang Legacy Bricks – Celebrate the traditions and legacy of JWMHS by purchasing a piece of history. All funds for purchasing a Mustang Legacy Brick will be used for campus improvements, classroom activities, and other school priorities. And, your name will be a permanent part of our campus!

Again, thank you for your support of JWMHS and our students, faculty, and organizations. Go Mustangs!