Class of 2022, here is information that you will need to be successful for the rest of your time at JWMHS!

  • Senior families should have received a letter regarding the graduation ceremony to be held on June 11th at 6PM. Please make sure that you read it as there is a lot of important information in this letter, including dates and deadlines that we have reviewed previously. Download it here: 2022 Graduation Parent Letter
  • Senior Graduation Practice is on May 23rd and May 25th. This is MANDATORY if you intend on participating in graduation on June 11th. Please do not schedule trips, appointments, or work during school hours as school is in session until May 25th and you must be present to walk.
  • Senior Breakfast will be held on May 24th at 9AM at Spartan Manor for senior students only. This event has a dress code and students must wear their professional best. We will not allow you to enter if you have jeans, shorts, tshirts, or any clothing that is not professional. If you have a question, please ask Mr. Quina or Mrs. Schultz.
  • The Senior Graduation Fee is $100 and can be paid on Rycor/Student Pay. This graduation fee is due on May 25th.
  • Seniors will receive their caps and gowns on May 25th. Students must be present and successfully completed Senior Checkout, including pay all debts, in order to receive their caps and gowns. Honor, Academic, and Service organizations have been giving out authorized senior cords an stoles. As a reminder, students CANNOT decorate their caps and no other stole or cord (graduation regalia) will be allowed to be worn during the ceremony. If you are purchasing them and they are not part of the approved list, do not bring them to the graduation ceremony.
  • FCA will host a Baccalaureate Service next Sunday, May 22nd, at Generations Church on Little Road at 6PM. All are welcome to attend. For this service you will be in professional dress and not caps and gowns.
  • Seniors, please start looking around your house, room, and car for items that belong to JWMHS and return them to school to avoid being on the debt list. We will be posting a preliminary debt list at the end of this week.


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