In order to protect the health and safety of employees, staff, and students, all those who access Pasco County School locations must self-screen for symptoms and other risk factors of COVID-19 daily. If you answer YES to any of the questions, you should NOT be on a school campus or school district office. All three self-screeners – the Student Self-Screener, the Employee Self-Screener, and the Visitor Self-Screener – are accessible from the district’s COVID-19 protocols page and are posted on each school web page.

Hey, #Mustangs2022! Congratulations on your impending graduation from JWMHS! Use this link to compete your Cap and Gown and Diploma Order!

Click on the link below to input your Cap and Gown Size as well as how you would like to see your name on your diploma!

JWMHS Class of 2022 Graduation Information (

Instructions for How to Complete This Form

For caps and gowns, please  think about how big your head and hair are. If you have a relatively regular head size, you do NOT need to order an XL cap. Otherwise, order an XL. For their gown sizes, you need to consider how the gown will “fall” on them. If you are larger, please order an XL. Height is height is height. XL or standard is based on stature, girth, width, or circumference, etc.
It is important that the students fill this out correctly and completely for their diplomas. We will use EXACTLY what you type in (unless it is something like Seymore Butts, etc.). Spell your names correctly and capitalize and punctuate correctly. For example:
Jessica Schultz
Jessica R. Schultz
Jessica Rachel Schultz
NOT any of the examples below or anything like them!
jessica r schultz
jessica rachel schultz
If they are the third or fourth, etc., they need to type it in as such:
John D. Rockefeller IV
John D. Rockefeller III
If they are a Junior, they need to type it in as such:
Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
All of this can be done from their phones.
As a reminder, if mom or dad fills it out make sure that mom and dad don’t put their names in it.