2020 yearbooks are now sold out!

Add your name to the waiting list:


Thank you for your interest in The Stampede yearbook. We based the number of yearbooks we ordered on pre-sale, which began in July 2019 and continued through February 2020. The sale was advertised in letters sent home, Open House, weekly phone calls, the school website, many social media platforms and signs around the school. We increased the number of yearbooks ordered by approximately 100 to sell upon distribution. Demand for yearbooks was higher this year than in previous years, and almost all extra books sold out to the Class of 2020 in the first 2 days of online sales. Only 19 yearbooks remained for sale for underclass, and those sold out by 9:06 a.m. on the first day of the underclass sale.

Yearbooks are now sold out. The waiting list will time/date stamp your request for a 2020 yearbook, and if someone who preordered a book changes their mind or doesn’t pick up their yearbook, we may have additional books available for sale. Interested students will be contacted in the order of their request on the waiting list. The waiting list is not a guarantee that anyone will get a 2020 yearbook.

Once you fill out the waiting list form, expect an email by May 30th with information about your status on the waitlist. This is the email we will use for all correspondence, so be certain it is an email you check regularly.

Why not just order more?

We are in communication with Walsworth, our publisher regarding a summer printing of additional books. NOTE – we do not yet know if this is possible. A minimum number of students must be interested in order to make it possible, and we don’t yet know the cost. There is no need to contact Walsworth directly. Our publisher is unable to print copies on demand due to the nature of printing a book of this size and scope. We have inquired with Walsworth about an additional summer printing run, but even if possible, it will be expensive and books won’t arrive until the end of summer at the earliest. The publisher begins printing our yearbook in January after we submit the fall pages for publication. It is a lengthy process that involves massive printing presses and several print runs.

Yearbook Distribution

Yearbook distribution has not yet been determined, but once it is, we will blast that information everywhere. Students should expect to receive their yearbooks by the end of May at the latest.

Final yearbook sale was first-come, first-served until yearbooks sold out. We advertised this in phone calls home, our website, MyLearning announcements, Remind texts, and many social media platforms.

Class of 2020 Final Yearbook Sale was held from Monday, May 4 – Tuesday, May 5, the unsold yearbooks went on sale to the Senior Class on ACORN for $95 credit or debit card only. We believe it was important to offer the sale to seniors first, as the Class of 2020 already sacrificed so much.

School-wide Final Yearbook Sale

On Wednesday, May 6, the remaining yearbooks went on sale to all students at JWMHS until all sold out.

Yearbook Pre-Sale Verification

To verify that you pre-ordered a yearbook, go into your student ACORN account and look at the list of fees you have paid. You should see either 2019/2020 Yearbook or FINAL Yearbook Sale 2019-2020.

2021 Yearbook Presale

Please pre-order your 2021 yearbook by January 15, 2021. That’s the only way to guarantee you get a yearbook, and you save money, too! Pre-sale for the 2021 yearbook will begin on ACORN in July 2020 for $75.

If you have further questions, please email Susan McNulty, yearbook adviser: smcnulty@pasco.k12.fl.us