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Autumnal Accumulation of Anticipated

Artwork and Writings 




Mother Came Out of the Kitchen Proud

by Isabela Vieira


Mary Janes

by Sarah Evans


Nature’s Network

by Tatiana Maher


Autumn Forest

by Nicole Midkiff



Pie on the Sill

by Abby Fernald


Tag, You’re It

by Maddie Timmons


Forever and Always

by Alison Lennox


Conversations in the Park

by Kole Kemple


Say Hello to The Oh Hellos

by Alison Lennox


November Film Reviews

by Craig Moore


Oryx and Crake Book Review

by Jack Goldstein



by Audrey Zilay



by Maddie Foster


Charlie Brown

by Mya Waage


The Urbanite Wedding

by Craig Moore

Prompts for Next Month's Issue




Get thinking about stories for our December issue:




“Write a scene from the perspective of a snowflake (or another winter symbol)”




“Include a wish that can only be granted with magic somewhere in your piece”




  “Entertain the possibility of an anti-holiday spirit”




“Implement a scene in which a character is so tightly bundled that they can’t put


their arms down” 


Good luck and hope to see you next month