Prom – Gatsby – will be held on Saturday, May 11th from 6:30PM to 10:30PM at the Innsbrook ResortPlease note that students are not able to book rooms at the resort.

The Dance Dress Code will be enforced. If you are not certain that your dress will be acceptable, please ask any administrator!

Guest Request Forms will be required for this dance, as they were for Homecoming and the Winter Ball. Forms and requests are non-transferrable from dance to dance and must be resubmitted completely for each dance.JWMHS Students may bring one (1) guest to the dance.

Non-JWMHS Guest Request Forms & Instructions

Please download, read, complete, attach appropriate paperwork, and submit this form ONLY if your guest DOES NOT ATTEND JWMHS. A picture ID is required for all non-JWMHS guests. There is no exception to this policy. Acceptable forms of picture ID included, but are not limited to: driver license, current student ID, current passport, current State of Florida ID card. We will NOT accept school pictures or birth certificates. Guests 21 or older and middle school students are NOT allowed to attend. Please contact with questions regarding picture IDs or Non-JWMHS Guest Requests. These forms are due on Friday, May 10th at 12PM. The decision on Prom Guests is final.

Guest Request Form – Download Here

JWMHS Student Dance Expectations Agreement

Please download, read, complete, and submit this form ONLY if you and/or your guest ATTEND JWMHS. This form is to be used by current JWMHS students only. Students will need to have their Dance Numbers in order to complete this form, as well as a parent/guardian signature.

JWMHS Student Prom Agreement – Download Here

Please see Mrs. Illig or Mrs. Fliss for more details!