Below is the Distribution & Return Schedule that we will follow for students beginning this Friday, May 22nd with Seniors.

Students will enter through the Orange Parking Lot (off Jaguar Trail). We will be picking up and distributing items near the Media Center. Students will then leave the campus through the Green/Purple Parking Lot gate. If Seniors would like to stop by their parking spaces in the Purple Parking Lot, now is your chance!

Students should plan on bringing any computers with cover and chargers, textbooks, uniforms, media center books, and items that belong to JWMHS. Please have it labeled with a sticky note or in a bag with the student’s name and student number on it.

Students will be receiving yearbooks, locker contents, other items, and caps and gowns, as applicable.

Please follow the schedule accordingly as we will have over 550 students per day that we will be assisting.

Thank you for your cooperation! Go Mustangs!