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Here are the highlights from the weekly School Messenger for the week of February 12th.

This School Connects has a lot of procedural reminders as we all can use a refresher on some of the rules of our campus.

Please review the Dress Code. It is warming up again and I want to make everyone aware that off the shoulder shirts are not allowed. Remember the fingertip rule when picking out shorts, skirts, and dresses. Hats are not allowed inside or outside of buildings. Of course, these are not the only violations of the Dress Code, just ones that we have been seeing lately.

We have been having a lot of deliveries of food from restaurants, pizza places, and fast food places to our campus via Uber Eats, families, and other delivery services. Due to Federal Food and Nutrition regulations, JWMHS is a closed campus. This means that students are not allowed to leave campus for lunch and these deliveries are not allowed. Please DO NOT order or have food delivered to campus as it will be confiscated until the end of the school day.

We would also like to remind students and parents that students cannot carry any kind of medication on campus, including over the counter medicine. It is a violation of the Code of Conduct. Please take all medication to our School Clinic.

For our juniors and seniors who want to attend prom be in school and do not receive referrals for skipping, leaving campus without permission, or any Level 3 referrals, including tobacco and vaping violations. We will be looking at those on Loss of Privilege for attendance and off-track grades. If you are a sophomore or freshmen who is a guest of a junior or senior, these rules will also apply.

As a further reminder, vaping is not allowed on campus. When you vape on campus, have vape pens or other types of vapes, refills, and juice, you are violating the Code of Conduct and it is a Level 3 offense. You will have the vape and all of the accessories confiscated, receive school consequences, including OSS, and a tobacco citation from the School Resource Officer.

The School Choice window has opened. Please visit the District website for more information.

Grad Bash Tickets have gone on sale in Portables 15 and 16! They are $100 each. Please see Mrs. BG or Mrs. Mooney to purchase them. Grad Bash for Seniors is Saturday, April 28th!

Congratulations to #MustangCheerleading for finishing 10th at Nationals this weekend! Come out and support Girls #MustangSoccer in Regional play this Tuesday at home! Best wishes to Girls and Boys #MustangBasketball as they continue Regional and District play this week!

May we #CommitToExcellence each and every day and show how #ExcellenceNeverStops at JWMHS!

We hope that you have a fantastic week! Go Mustangs!