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Here are the Highlights from the August 5th School Messenger!

Upperclassmen Orientation Reminder

Tuesday, August 7this our annual Orientation and Registration Day for our upperclassmen. For schedule distribution beginning at 9AM, we are happy to announce that parents and students will be able to pay fees online prior to August 7thvia myStudent and ACORN. If families choose to pay online, parents and students will be able to go to the Express Line to pick up the student schedules. Please bring your receipt to Schedule Distribution to assist in making the Express Line go as quickly as possible. Families will enter through the front doors of the gymnasium like you would if you were coming to a game in the gym. Remember, you don’t need to all come at 9AM. All of the services we will have available will be there from 9AM to 1PM. We also want to remind families with freshmen and upperclassmen that this event is for upperclassmen in grades 10, 11, and 12 only.

Schedule change requests will all be done online via a link that will be available on August 7that 4PM. DO NOT email your counselor or assistant principal about schedule changes. All requests MUST be done via the link. Those emailing, calling, or going to school counselors and APs will not be addressed. Furthermore, we will not address schedule issues on August 7thduring Schedule Distribution. School Counselors will not be available Tuesday as they are working with families registering at JWMHS. Thus, requests must be done through the link. As you know, we are very full this year and will only be able to accommodate a change if it is for a senior who is missing a graduation requirement, there is a hole in student’s schedule (as in he or she is missing a class period), or a student has already taken the course. We will not be able to change lunch periods or placeholders, and we will not be able to change electives because you no longer want the class. Going from honors to regular or regular to honors or another academic class may also not be possible. All in all, most of the schedule change requests will more than likely not be able to be honored due to space. We ask students for their requests in the spring and build our classes based on those requests. Thus, changing them at this point will more than likely not be possible.

As a reminder, we will have yearbooks available at the lowest price of the year, $70!

We will also have Mustang Student Athletic Passes available that will get students into ALL HOME GAMES for ALL SPORTS for $50. The only games it will not cover are pre-season and post-seasons games. It is a great deal.

PE uniforms, lockers, and lunch account information will be available as well.

Sports information will be there and clubs and organization will be there giving out information.

Senior Reminders

Class of 2019, remember that your Seniors Fees are $100 and can be paid online. We will be taking cap and gown measurements and diploma spelling during RANCH this year, not on August 7th.

Parking at JWMHS

As a reminder, all parking spots will be numbered this year for faculty, staff, and students. The initial deadline for parking was July 31stbased on all of the information sent out this summer and because we have very limited spots. If you want to apply for an available parking spot at this point, a link will be posted on our website at 4PM.

Those who have already applied and have paid for their spot can come to the Parking Table to pick up their temporary tag for the first week of school. If you apply beginning on August 7that 4PM, information will be sent to you via email once your application has been finalized and approved.

As a reminder, just because you pay for a spot online does not mean that you will get a spot. Spots will be distributed by Mrs. Cortier after your application has been finalized and approved. If you pay for a spot and haven’t followed the procedures to get a spot, we will refund your money. Please follow our directions and rules.

If you have not applied and been approved and/or do not have a temporary tag, you CANNOT drive to school. Students will need to either get a ride or ride the bus. All spots will be assigned and parking in a spot that is not yours will result in school discipline.

Once we run out of spots, we will have a waiting list. Please contact Mrs. Cortier for more information.

Dance Meetings

We are also continuing our #MustangsRiseAbove Parent Dance Meeting Expectation. As a reminder, your parent/guardian must have participated in one of the Parent Dance Meetings that were held last year, online or in person, if you want to attend the Homecoming Dance, Winter Ball, or Prom. We will also have two more face-to-face meetings on August 27thand September 10th, both beginning at 6:30PM in the gymnasium. Again, these meetings will allow each student to get a unique dance number that will be required to purchase a ticket to any of the dances. If you have any questions, please let email Ms. Schultz.

We look forward to a great school year!