Academy for the Medical Arts (AMA)

Welcome to J.W. Mitchell’s Academy for the Medical Arts! The Academy staff is looking forward to working with our many community health-care partners, our students, and our faculty in making this Academy successful! We welcome your ideas and feedback as we start this journey.

Our Mission


  • Collaborative partnerships among educators, parents, businesses, and other community resources that broaden learning opportunities
  • Opportunities which will reflect the diverse areas of Health Occupations


  • In providing a rewarding & rigorous curriculum
  • To small, supportive learning environments that are personalized & inclusive to all students
  • In promoting healthy lifestyle choices


  • Respect for all people and patients involved in the many aspects of Health Careers/Occupations
  • Embracing cultural diversity in the population of the people who we serve

The Goals/Purpose of the Academy:

  • To Prepare the students with the skills and knowledge needed for success in the workplace and/or post-secondary education
  • To develop and reinforce the academic skills necessary to help raise student achievement on high-stake tests
  • To focus curriculum planning & professional development on academic standards and essential skills required by the real world
  • To incorporate student organizations, such as HOSA, with the academy for the development of leadership skills, personal growth and career successes.
  • To work as a team to overcome any barriers between traditional academic classes and other elective classes

What Makes Our Academy Different from a Learning Community?

  • With the smaller size of the Academy , we create a “school within a school“ , family-like atmoshphere
  • We have many partnerships with businesses and community organizations
  • Our Academy focuses on career choices & career themes
  • We have an integrated curriculum
  • The Academy has business mentors for the students
  • The students will have opportunities for internships and externships
  • We will help students learn valuable leadership & teamwork skills

Research has shown that Academy Benefits are:

  • Higher attendance rates of students
  • Lower Drop out rates
  • Higher self-esteem and satisfaction with school
  • Lower discipline problems & school violence
  • Higher academic standards and sense of connection with teachers, other students, and school programs
  • Decreased sense of student apathy, isolation & alienation
  • Increased ability to enage all levels of students
  • Supportive of the needs of the community

Vision Statement:

The Vision of the Academy of the Medical Arts is to prepare students for employment in entry-level medical careers as well as providing the additional knowledge & skills needed for higher level schooling for medical careers .

Is A Health Career for you?

  • Do you enjoy working with people?
  • Do you like fast-paced jobs?
  • Do you like working with advanced technology?
  • Do you like hands-on learning?
  • Do you enjoy challenges?

Paperwork and Resources:

Academy for the Medical Arts Application – Download Here!

Expectations Form – Download Here!

Community Service Form – Download Here!

Shadowing Follow-Up Form – Download Here!