Schedule Change Policy



We will only be able to address the following issues:

  • Seniors who are missing a graduation requirement and the student is not already scheduled for it.
  • A student has a hole in his or her schedule, meaning that a period is missing.
  • A student is scheduled for a class for which they have already received credit.

We will also review off-campus and on-campus placeholders; however, we may not be able to change schedules to accommodate placeholders.

We will not be able to change the following requests:

  • Lunch period changes
  • Teacher changes
  • Elective changes
  • Honors to Regular changes
  • Regular to Honors changes

Our classes are very full, and there is not a lot of room in any of the classes.

If a student is struggling in a class, please schedule a parent teacher conference to set up a Plan For Success.  Options available for students who are struggling in a class:
  1. Attend Academic Lunch daily as needed
  2. Meet with your teacher before/after school for one-on-one tutoring
  3. Form a study group with other students
  4. Remediate online via Khan Academy, AP Classroom, or online textbook app through myPascoConnect
  5. Speak with your grade-level counselor/administrator for study tips/outside tutoring.