Mustang U Teacher Supply Lists

Below are the supply lists for most of the courses in Mustang U. If your course is not listed here, you will get a supply list at Mustang U Orientation in August. 

AP Human Geography Supply List

3 Ring binder to be used for this class only (1 inch is suitable)

Spiral Notebook (1 large or two single subject for this class only)

Pencils, Blue or Black Pens, Color Pens

Notebook Paper

Colored Paper

3X5 Index Cards (5-6 packages)

Index Card Container

Wish List: Copy Paper, Tissues


World History Supply List

Binder with pockets (1.5 inch)

College ruled paper

Colored Pencils or Markers

Blue or Black Pens


Wish List: Copy Paper, Tissues


World Cultural Geography Supply List

Colored Pencils or Markers

Single Subject Folder (can be a Trapper Keeper)

College Ruled Notebook (Single Subject)

Glue Stick



3 Standard Poster Paper Sheets





Notebook Paper or Spiral Notebook

Wish List:

Copy Paper



English 1 (regular and honors)

Plenty of lined loose-leaf paper (college ruled)


Pencils and/or blue or black ink

Red pen, highlighters

Note cards

Other supplies will be specified once you know your teacher for the year.


Geometry Honors Supply List

Binder (1 inch)

College Ruled Loose Leaf Paper (no spiral notebooks please)

Graph Paper (1 package)

Pencils #2

Colored Pen (other than blue or black)


Compass (metal bow compass recommended)

Scientific Calculator (required for all students, calculators will not be provided and phone calculators are not permitted)

Index Cards (3 x 5)

Wish List:


Copy Paper


Physical Education Supply List

 PE Uniform

(Black shorts and Grey Shirt)

Shorts must meet dress code, no soffee shorts, Grey shirt or any Mitchell shirt (Mustang U shirt will work)


Personal Fitness Students Supply list

Folder with 3 Prongs and Pockets

Notebook Paper

Pens and Pencils


PE Uniforms available to purchase

Shorts: $13.00

Shirts:   $10.00

Set:       $22.00



Supply List for Journalism I – Mrs. McNulty

  • Basic supplies (paper, pens, pencils, 1 folder – any color)
  • Flash drive (at least 4GB)
  • Internet access outside of class (at home, public library, or school media center)
  • One of either of the following: hand sanitizer, tissues

Supply List for Medical Skills

  • paper / notebook
  • 1 inch binder
  • Composition notebook
  • Index cards (lined or unlined)
  • Markers
  • colored pencils
  • highlighters
  • glue sticks for projects
  • Pens
  • pencils

**May need to buy a class designated reading book – student will be given information during year.**

Teacher Wish List

  • Kleenex
  • Copy Paper Packs