Here are the highlights from the Weekly School Connects for the Week of September 25th.

September is Attendance Awareness Month. Being at school is paramount to earning credits. We have sent out Loss of Privilege letters to those students who are not attending school according to policy. All of the letters will be delivered by tomorrow, September 25th. Teachers also have the list of students on Loss of Privilege if you are concerned. Being on this list will affect Homecoming privileges.

As a reminder, we encourage you to be on time. In order to make sure that we do not have to makeup any of the school days from the hurricane, we are starting school each day at 8:28AM. The warning bell will ring at 8:23AM. Set your clocks!

State make-up testing will begin this week. Students have received testing slips with their exact testing information.

This Wednesday we will hold our Post High School Planning Night for 9th, 10th, and 11th graders in the Media Center at 6:30PM! Mrs. Chamberlin will be there to assist and provide great information.

We have rescheduled Homecoming for the Week of October 9th to October 14th. The last face to face dance meeting will be held on October 5th at 6:30PM in the gymnasium.

If you drive your child to school and have both a high school and middle school student, please make sure that you drop off the middle school student first, then come to the high school. This will help with some of the traffic issues that we have been having.

Free injectable flu vaccines will be available for students at MHS the morning of Thursday, October 5th. If you want your child to receive an injectable flu vaccine, please sign & return a flu vaccine consent form before October 5th. The forms are available at the Pasco County School District web site. Many of you did turn these in the first week of school, but if you have changed your mind, we encourage you to fill this out.

JWMHS has adopted an elementary school in Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Any donations of gift cards to Walmart, Target, Office Depot, and Staples or any toiletries can be dropped off at the front office. Also, if you have any extra supplies that you would like to donate, we are organizing food and non-perishables to send to south Florida. Please bring them to the front office.

May we #CommitToExcellence each and every day as you show how #ExcellenceNeverStops at JWMHS!

We hope that you have a fantastic week!

Go Mustangs!