October 19, 2016

Dear Parent or Guardian:

Your child has the opportunity to participate in the Extended Day Program based on his/her recent FSA/EOC scores, other assessments, teacher observations, and classroom performance. Students who participate in this program will have the opportunity to gain skills and strategies to improve their level in reading, writing and/or math. In addition, students who are currently enrolled in an APEX credit recovery course may utilize the ESD program to work towards completion of the their APEX coursework.

The Extended Day Program will be held on Wednesdays beginning November 2, 2016 and will run until March 8, 2017. Meeting times are 3:00 until 4:30. Students must be able to attend regularly. This program is entirely free.

Bus transportation may be available, but will be limited in the number and location of stops. As an academic enhancement program that focuses on specific skills, if behavioral concerns or attendance issues develop, we may remove your child from the program.

Space is limited. If you would like your child to be considered for the Extended Day Program, please fill out the attached registration form and return it to Heather Bell by October 21, 2015. The form can be submitted by email to hbell@pasco.k12.fl.us or by fax 727 774-9291.
Your student will be notified once they are accepted into the ESD program.


Heather Bell Assistant Principal


Please download the form here.

ESD Application 2016-17